Saturday, August 23, 2008

August 23, 2008

Hi Everyone.
Today is the Sew for the Cure sale & Student quilt Show at Country Loft.
I am not very good at this blogging so be patient with me.
Does anyone have the pattern by Cheri called ABC sampler?
I will e-mail tonight about the Country Loft Show.

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  1. Hi there in CA...
    I'm waving from Ontario Canada.....quite a long way from you.
    Just wanted to say HI and wish you good luck and lots of fun working on your blog.
    I had a vacation in CA one time with my Hubby and 4 kids. We loved Disneyland.. and so sunny all the time... We have had a stormy summer of rain ... seems to have settled down now... No matter to me if it rains or shines I like to be in my studio doing what I love best.
    I must tell you your quilts are beautiful. I have been quilting a number of years along with doll making and a lot of other things I discovered. I am into needle felting these days and fabric postcards..... tra la la la!!!!
    My heart went out to you when you said you had an autistic son. From what I know about it , it sure take a lot of TLC to raise a child like that. I saw his picture and he is really a handsome young man.
    Hope you had a nice mini vacation with him and your Mom.
    I will be checking back to see what quilts you are working on.... Meanwhile good luck with your blog. it is such fun and a good way to meet new cyberspace friends...I know I have..


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