Saturday, August 30, 2008

August 30, 2008

Hi ,

The quilt show at country loft last week was great. It is great to see everyone's projects. It also gets me going to do all the projects I started & to finish the block of the months I have from the country loft.
I leave in 2 weeks to go on the country loft cruise with all my friends from the loft. Some husbands are going to. We fly into new york & will go to portland boston canada & will be gone 7 days. I have really never been anywhere so I am excited. My mom is taking care of my son. I hope that goes OK. We have never been apart except for 1 night.

I forgot to take pictures, but go to gingerpatches blog & see her pictures.

I decided not to go to the san diego quilt show. Road to california will be here in california in january 2009.

I bought some new books last week & books prices have really gone up. Some over $25.00.

I better go.

Love Kim

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  1. Oh my that cruise sounds wonderful. Have tons of fun!


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